1 May 2017

HTAFC Gym at PPG Canalside

Did you know that we have the HTAFC Gym based at PPG Canalside? The HTAFC Gym provides a stress free joining approach and is simple to join. It provides:...

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30 April 2017

Lunches at PPG Canalside - Everyone Welcome

PPG Canalside is Huddersfield’s ‘hidden gem’ for a place to meet for lunch. Lunches are available weekdays 12-2 and are always open Bank Holidays too. For that catch up with friends for a coffee...

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29 April 2017

The Radcliffe Suite at PPG Canalside

The Radcliffe Suite at PPG Canalside is available to book throughout the year and is already proving to be an excellent choice of venue for many throughout 2017 and 2018 with enquiries already coming ...

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